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Old Car and Scrap Car Removals

Don't let that piece of scrap rot in your yard. Call now for same-day Scrap Car Removals in Melbourne.

Unless your car has been totaled in an accident, it's difficult to decide what to do with your old car – whether to sell it, donate it or dump it in a scrapyard. Most car owners live by a hope that after spending a few bucks on engine's repair and body restoration, their old car will run smooth like a new one. While this might seem a good idea at first, it turns out to be a fortune-spending later.

When a car completes 100K miles, its value depreciates exponentially, and soon it becomes unwanted not only for the owner but the prospective buyers as well. In such situation, getting a good price for your old, unwanted car seems like dream of a faraway land. But with Blue Sky Auto, you can always rest assured of the best price for your car, regardless model, make or the number of miles on the odometer.

Whether or not your vehicle is roadworthy, it's much more worth than you may think

Whether it's Porsche 911 or Honda Civic, we never turn down any deal because of the model, make or condition of the car. We buy all kinds of cars and trucks, which may or may not be roadworthy, without asking any questions. And as far as paperwork is concerned, our experts take care of it without roping you in. All you have to do is sign the dotted line and handover the keys to us. If you have any query, feel free to get in touch with us for the fast, reliable Melbourne car removals.

We Are Widely Trusted For 4x4 Wrecking In Melbourne

Are you looking for truck wreckers in Melbourne for the purpose of discarding an old vehicle? You no longer require the services of 4x4 wreckers in Melbourne to dismantle your car. Blue Sky Auto provides a hassle-free experience that offers cash for cars in Melbourne and Dandenong. You can now sell unwanted or damaged cars to Blue Sky Auto with the added advantage of on the spot cash payment. Our entire process of old car removal in Melbourne is simple and transparent.

Save time and hassles with our readily available car removal service in Melbourne

There is no longer the need to advertise your car for sale or search for a scrap centre for your undesired vehicle. Simply get in touch with Blue Sky Auto to get cash for cars in Dandenong and Melbourne. We offer the best price along with a hassle-free car removal service, which includes convenient pick-up from your doorstep.

Selling a car through ads is a lengthy, time-consuming process, but with Blue Sky Auto, it's as simple as dialing a phone number. You no longer have to deal with constant nagging over the phone or attend to potential buyers almost every day. Plus, you do not have to handle paperwork should you sell your car directly to Blue Sky Auto. If that makes sense to you, why not pick up your phone and give us a ring? We'll come over for a no-obligation assessment of your vehicle, and if you agree to our price quote, we'll cart away your unwanted vehicle after making full payment in cash.

Melbourne-wide coverage

Car removal service with limited coverage doesn't make sense to anyone, let alone our customers. Therefore, we offer Melbourne-wide coverage that extends across far-flung suburbs as well. We actively operate in Dandenong and other nearby towns and guarantee same-day pick-up in the said areas. However, it takes only one phone call to confirm whether or not we service your area; so, feel free to get in touch with us for car removals in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

Here are the types of vehicles we accept:

Accidental vehicles

No matter how severe the damage might be, we accept accidental vehicles without asking any question. If your accidental vehicle is in running condition but is not roadworthy, we would advise you against getting it repaired because an accidental vehicle can never be the same again. It's better to sell it off for a good price.

Vehicles with expired registration

Once your vehicle has lived up its life, which is 10 to 15 years, you may not be allowed to drive that vehicle in a city, such as Melbourne, unless your vehicle is considered roadworthy by the department. Further, you will have to re-register your vehicle every 5 years, which is again an extra expense. As soon as your vehicle's registration expires, you may sell it to us at the best price in the market. We make it a point to dispose of your vehicle in a sustainable manner.

Defunct vehicles which are simply rotting in the yard

At Blue Sky Auto, we buy defunct vehicles that are just sitting there and catching rust. Repairing such vehicle is never a good idea, unless it is close to your heart and you are ready to spend as much amount as the original price of the vehicle. With Blue Sky Auto, you can get rid of that unwanted vehicle and get paid in cash instantly.

We do not ask for any paperwork or drag you in a perpetual process

For a typical deal, we wind up the entire buying process in a couple of hours so that you can focus on other important things for the rest of the day.

We offer top dollars, regardless the model or make of your vehicle

Blue Sky Auto accepts vehicles in any condition, new or used, including those with major damages. It can be an old car, UTE, truck, van or an SUV. Vehicles that are no longer in a running condition can also be exchanged for cash. Looking for Accident Car removal services in Melbourne? Get in touch with us!

Call us on 0411 145 647 to get a free quote. Alternatively, you can also fill the free online quote form. We assure you of a quick and smooth service.

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