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Notice Of Car Disposal & Vehicle License Cancellation

  • July 28, 2017
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Notice Of Car Disposal & Vehicle License Cancellation

Sold your used-car effortlessly? Congratulations! What next? Did you apply for vehicle license cancellation? No? Most of us tend to be laid-back once the car is disposed of from the garage. However, the process doesn't get over there. You need to intimate the department of transport that you no longer are the owner of the vehicle and it’s been sold of. It’s never an option to get your vehicle license canceled but, a mandatory process.

The Necessity To Intimate Department of Transport:

None of us would want to be penalized for somebody else’s mistake. Imagine someone speeding up or parking illegally and you being fined! It’s more likely to happen in the event that you don't lodge a notice or educate the division of transport about the sold vehicle. The car will be in your name till you intimate it to the transport department and finish all the documentation.

Along with this step, to keep away from the botheration, you have to finish and present a Notice of car license cancellation when you are selling your vehicle. You must declare a statutory statement that you aren’t responsible for the car in case of any wrong-doings. And if you tend to forget or have ignored it, be prepared to be fined in case of speeding up or wrong parking or accidents.

Cancellation of Vehicle License:

The permit can be canceled due to several reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Intentional cancellation of vehicle permit
  • Dishonored payments
  • Vehicle added to discounted vehicle register
  • Inability to fit an immobilizer

Return Your Car Number Plates and Cancel your License:

When you offer your auto, it is mandatory that you return your number plates to Driver and Vehicle Services Center or any local Agent. If you aren’t sure where to return your car number, you can get in touch with professionals. There are exclusive car removal service providers in Australia who can guide you to return your car number plates and cancel your license. Contact Blue Sky Auto car removals for further information!

You must be sure of the complete vehicle information when you are applying for license cancellation. The information such as Enrollment plate number, the year it was manufactured, VIN/Chassis number and Motor number must be mentioned in the license cancellation form.

The Buyer and Seller Details:

  • The seller’s name or the name of the firm
  • The address of the seller
  • The date of disposal
  • The License Permit or the Customer number.
  • The details of the new operators
  • The buyer’s name or the Organization of the buyer
  • The date of birth of the purchaser
  • The address of the buyer
  • The permit or the customer number

Thus, if you have an old car and are planning to get it disposed of, ensure that you are mentally prepared to finish all the formalities. Most of the times, the old vehicle is sold off but, the formalities are left out and this can land you in trouble at any point of time. With Blue Sky Auto, your burden will be reduced. We are an Australian firm that caters to the car removal needs of the public. Be it Melbourne or Dandenong, our services are quick and the process of getting a car removed is very simple. Our experts reach the venue once we receive a call from the clients. We evaluate the vehicle and offer a quotation instantly. Once the deal strikes, the cash is paid immediately and the car is been taken care. Hassle-free, isn’t it?

You can also save time by just sharing the image of your old car and other necessary details. Our back-end team will assess the value of the car and will revert at the earliest.

For further queries, share your concern at or dial 0411145647 to talk to our representatives.

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