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Get higher Cash for your old cars – Here’s how

  • June 20, 2017
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Get higher Cash for your old cars – Here’s how

Scrap cars are physical as well as a mental burden. They occupy a large portion of space in the backyard apart from lying useless. It is highly impossible to store the car for a long time. You can either get it repaired or try out ways to get rid of it. If your car is too old and is a complete scrap, the best solution is to approach a car removal company. Shelling out dollars on a scrap isn’t a sensible thing to do. You need to bear the towing expenses to get your car to the recycling place wherein contacting a professional firm would mean getting the complete things done by the professionals.

But, before you take the services of the professionals, it is better you do your homework thoroughly. Want to get higher cash for your old cars? Here’s how:

Check the Market Value:

Before you place your car for sale, find out the price for your vehicle. Do not be under any assumptions. There are several websites online that can help you to determine the market value of your vehicle. You cannot afford to ignore the condition of your vehicle. The prices will go down if your vehicle is excessively damaged. Considering the repair cost, find out the trade-in-value.

Clean your vehicle:

Just because the car is a scrap, doesn’t imply that you leave it uncleaned. Your vehicle must be cleaned internally as well as externally. Does it need a repair? If yes, get it done before you put it up for sale. Let’s say your tyres are flat! This could be a reason for your customers to value your car at a lesser price. If your car has engine issues, get it repaired. Your car will have a better sale value, provided you get all the necessary repairs done. If your car is no longer in use and getting repaired often, it isn’t the wisest choice, it’s better to approach a car removal company and get the car removed.

Check the paperwork:

Having the right paperwork is half the battle won. Whether you are selling it privately or via some professionals, the vehicle papers are a must. Keep the receipts of all the repairs handy. Make a check-list of things that you would want to carry-out to get your vehicle in shape. The safety inspection is one aspect that can sell your vehicle easily. Secondly, have a look at the tyres. Do they need to be repaired or replaced? How about the body of the vehicle? Are there dents to be repaired? If yes, get it done!

Trade-in value:

Do you want to advertise to sell your car or you want to approach the companies directly? Are there any other modes to target the potential buyers? If yes, what is the cost involved and what are the possibilities of the car getting sold? Calculate the time taken and other factors before you choose the best option.

If you wish to get cash for your car, get in touch with Blue Sky Auto. We offer free car removal service in Melbourne. Our service is quick and hassle-free and we accept cars with major damages too. You just need to give us a call and keep your car ready. We offer on the spot payment for your car.

We are the premier Cash for Cars and Car Removal business for purchasing all Cars, Trucks and Vans. We pay Cash for Cars in Melbourne and provide a Car Removal service across all areas of Melbourne and all regional areas of Victoria.

We have over 20 years of expertise in the industry on an international level, with 3 established recycling facilities outside of Australia which are based in Japan, Malaysia & Singapore. We purchase vehicles for complete recycling purposes, either in scrap metal or for some parts to be reused in our overseas recycling plants or sometimes locally.

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