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Want to get rid of your old car?

  • January 06, 2016
  • Posted by Admin
Want to get rid of your old car?
Want to get rid of your old car? Your car has an accident and you don’t want to keep it now? Want cash for cars Melbourne? Want When free car removal Melbourne? When you want cash for cars Melbourne ,“Blue Sky Auto” is the solution to all your issues all you need to do is ring us and we will reach you anytime ,anywhere whatever the time or day may be. Our quickest and easiest service will be available to you in fraction of time.

We also consider in presenting our customers with reasonably priced, dependable second-hand car parts . If you want second hand parts then you should consider getting to us. We will provide you the best parts at affordable prices. Also we provide cash for scrap metal Melbourne. If you have scrap metal to sell we will definitely buy the same. Contact us and we will get to you.

What Vehicles do we Deal in?

We deal in all variety of them ranging from cars, trucks, buses to vans and commercial vehicles you can bring them all. We offer free car removal Melbourne service anywhere in Melbourne.

Which Models?

We buy all models, such as and are anyhow not limited to Ford, Holden, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Volvo, Renault, Subaru, Suzuki, Honda, etc. When all you want is free car removal Melbourne or cash for old cars Melbourne all you need is get to us.

Who are we?

We are an Australian car removals and car wrecking company based in south east Melbourne, Victoria providing cash for cars Melbourne. Also we provide cash for scrap metal Melbourne.

How do you get to us?

  • Give us a call us on 0411 145 647 or contact us through our online portal
  • Get your car papers ready and personal stuff removed from the car
  • Have your easy cash and enjoy!

We can pick up your car on the same day at your desired time, or you can also get your car removed on the desired day of your choice we will be at your service. Arrangements can be made as according to your choice

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