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Buying Second Hand Car Parts

  • August 03, 2015
  • Posted by Admin
Buying Second Hand Car Parts
This is the most common question asked by our regular customers. Getting a monthly maintenance of the old car has already been costly and when it adds up to the spare parts cost, it can lead to the exclusive maintenance of the month. However, considering the option to buy the recycled or second hand car parts in Melbourne,  can be the excellent option to consider.

According to our own internal spare part cost survey and experience, we have found the used parts cost, an average of 1/3 cost of the brand new part. Which is absolutely a big amount, since the recycled parts are reliable and approved by the senior automotive experts. On the other hand, it is pretty uncommon to say that second hand car parts are 35-50% cheaper than the brand new ones.

Primary saving factor depends on the nature of the part though, if we are talking about the small and light parts then they will not be that last long, however, parts like engines, manual or automatic transmissions and alloy wheels are the most economic and must be used as the recycled auto spare parts.

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