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Top Tips to Sell Your Old Used Cars for a Better Price

  • January 24, 2017
  • Posted by admin
Top Tips to Sell Your Old Used Cars for a Better Price

Is the old car bothering you a lot? Planning to sell it off and get a new one? Need some help to get a better price for your used car?  Here a few tips to sell your old cars for a better price:

Let your car look the best:

Be it purchasing a new car or trading off an old one, presentation is vital. Before you invite the buyers’ to have a look at your vehicle, make sure that your car is clean inside and outside. Remember, the first impression is always the best impression. Hire the professionals if you do not want to go through the mundane task of cleaning the car.

Work on Your Prices:

The selling price is highly considered before a buyer takes a decision to purchase an old used car. Ensure that you do not quote a too heavy or too less amount. An overpriced car will disappoint the genuine buyers whereas a less quoted price would pull unnecessary buyers. To play safe, research on car selling sites and make an estimate before quoting the final price.

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The right sales platform will fetch you the best buyers. You can put a sale sign on the back windows of your car. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But remember the number of eyes that it would attract as you pass by. Can we afford to ignore the power of the digital world? No! Post on the relevant website - the car model, features, price and other relevant information. Ensure that you upload the high- quality images that would give a clarity to the buyers. Do not fail to add your contact details.

Fix up a meeting:

You definitely cannot meet all the interested buyers. The best choice would be to select a few potential buyers and fix up a meeting. Fix up a public place and ensure that you inform about your meeting to your family and friends. Check the Driving License of the potential buyers and accompany them for a test drive. As a token of proof, produce the latest mechanic’s report.

Negotiate the Price:

Negotiation is an art and you better master it. Check with the buyer the amount he/she is willing to pay. You can pick-up the negotiation from there. Never settle for too less. Defend your quotation with the advantages that you are offering. If possible, share your calculation with the buyer. Settle for a win-win situation.

The final Payment:

Do not be too excited to have sold your car. Hold no, you still need to receive the amount. Never settle for a personal cheque, rather opt for a cashier’s cheque where the bank agrees to guarantee the amount. You can also agree to an online transfer. Refrain from taking cash until and unless you are in dire need of it.

Cancel the Insurance:

Once you have sold the title of the car to somebody else, you are no longer liable to pay the insurance charges. Allow the new owner to do the needful.

Congratulations, your old used car is out of your garage. How about planning for a new car?

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