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Welcome to Blue Sky Auto Car Removals

If you are looking out for car removal services in Melbourne, then Blue Sky Auto is just the right place for you. Blue Sky Auto is an Australian company based in South-East Melbourne. The company provides old and unwanted car removal services in Melbourne and Dandenong.  Guess what? You do not have to shell extra amount to get your car picked up from your place. We offer a free pickup service to all the clients’. The entire process is planned in a manner to make the task of old car removal in Melbourne convenient and satisfying for the customers. Clarity is ensured at every step and you can trust Blue Sky Auto for the finest service.

Be it a damaged, smashed or a wrecked car, Blue Sky offers on the spot payment. All you need to do is provide us the exact description of your car over the phone and we shall quote you the exact amount.

Why you can trust Blue Sky for a reliable service:
  • We offer free pick-up service.
  • If you provide an exact description, we will quote the amount.
  • We accept cars with major damages too.
  • Our service is quick and hassle-free.
If the question how do I sell my car in Melbourne is bothering you, get in touch with us. Just follow the below steps and sit back while we make the move to pick-up your car. The process of car removal in Melbourne cannot get simpler than this:

  • Get in touch with us at 0411145647 or fill the online quote form
  • Keep your car ready with the required papers
  • Ensure that the car can be accessed easily
  • Receive on the spot payment

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